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    Alulae - Alulae: Tuft of small stiff feathers on the first digit of a bird's wing. Orlando/Elijah. R. Winged AU.

    Colours - Three unrelated drabbles. SB/VM, BB/EW & VM/OB. Improv.

    Crushed Grass - Summertime and friendship. Dom & Orlando. Gen.

    Dies Irae - Seraphim. Elijah. Gen. Wingfic.

    Early Morning Chill - early morning chill
    bitterness is shared between
    an elf and hobbit - Fascination: The state of being fascinated. Viggo/Orlando. R.

    Good Morning - Three different takes on one morning. Drabbles. Viggo/Miranda, Orlando/Elijah and Billy/Dom.

    Good Night - Companion piece to Good Morning. Three different takes on one night. Drabbles. Viggo/Miranda, Orlando/Elijah and Billy/Dom.

    Hobbitsnorgy - "You know, we should skip the Oscars every year." Hobbitsnorli. :g:

    Just a Kiss (The Sandwich Filling Remix) - My Entry for the Lotrips Remix. Original story by Val. Dom/Orlando, Dom/Elijah. R.

    Metallic - Slow hot heat. Dom/Orlando.

    Next Week - "Next time, I won't be so drunk.". Orlijah, Billinic. Sequel to The Night That Never Happened. LotR.

    Not So Blissful - In which Dom and Elijah deal with Domestic Reality, rather than Domestic Bliss.

    Peanut Butter - Short, sweet and kinda sticky. Dom/Orlando. Improvfic.

    The Night That Never Happened - "How about we never mention last night again." Orlando/Elijah, Dom/Billy. LotR.

    Things Change - Sometimes things change and still stay the same. Billy/Dom. Improvfic.

    Tea Stained Voyeurism - Unplanned, Acident prone voyeurism. Improvfic. Implied DM/VM, EW/DM.

    Shillings and Sixpence - Victorian era Vampire AU. Viggo/Orlando.

    Wanna go Dancing? - "Do you wanna go dancing? In a club?" - Bedroom Dancing by Day One. Miranda/Viggo/Orlando, in a club.

    Winged Book of Ages - Ian's wings tell a story. Wingfic. Gen.