Three unrelated drabbles written in an improv with oneangrykate. Improv was to use three colours: silver, peach and green. Time limit: 30 minutes.



Sean's sword was once silver. So was Viggo's. Now they're both blackened with dirt, make up and Orc blood.

Tarnished. Like the men that wield them. Aragorn; the lost king of Gondor and Boromir; tainted steward, touched by the ring and blackened by it.

There are muscles in Sean's back that he'd forgotten about and now they're screaming at him every time he moves his shoulders under the thick, heavy costume. Viggo touches his shoulders, sliding his fingers across one particularly tight bundle of muscles and Sean sighes, relaxing into the touch. Aragorn and his healing hands are in Viggo.


Elijah forgets what colour Billy's eyes are until he get closer enough for Elijah to kiss him, if he dares. They're green and Elijah can't help but stare at them fixedly, noting the laughter crinkles in the corners and the long slow sweep of the lashes when Billy blinks.

Billy waves a hand in front of Elijah's face, jarring him out of his contemplation and back into the crowded, noisy surroundings of the pub. "Oi! Drink?" Billy's voice is slurred slightly and Elijah thinks Billy is swaying. Or he must be. So he says "Yes" and laughs with the crowd.


There's fruit on a table in the canteen and Orlando finds Viggo there in the mornings. Sometimes he juggles the apples but today he's slowly carving slices off a peach. The fuzzy skin is already lying in a spiral on the plate, next to some carved slices of golden peach yellow flesh. Orlando reaches over and nicks a piece, watching the knife slow down before stopping as Viggo raises an eyebrow.

Orlando grins and pops the stolen fruit into his mouth, making exaggerated 'mmm' noises as the sticky juice drips down his chin. Viggo laughs and passes a napkin over.


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