Crushed Grass

Written as a thank you for Lazulus, who bought me another year of lj time, so I can keep changing my icons and spamming. Now you know who to blame. :g: It's also my entry for Mcee's Slash Gen Lotrips Challenge. Aka: Lotrips with out the romance.

"Hey Elf." Orlando ducked the passing hand that threaten to detach the carefully secured bandana holding his wig in place and glanced up.

"Dom, hey."

Dominic dropped down next to Orlando on the grass and tipped his face up to the sun with a smile. "Mmmm, sunshine. Did you know it's snowing in England? Poor buggers."

Orlando lay down next to Dom, carefully tucking Legolas' cloak around his costume, for fear of grass-stains and the bollocking from the costume department that would follow and chuckled, "And you, of course, are not gloating about this?"

"Who, me?" Dom almost managed to get the right amount of innocence into his tone but didn't quite make it, there was a just a touch of glee hidden underneath.

Orlando grinned, "Yes, you."

"I believe I have been insulted!" Dom clutched his chest and glared at Orlando, who just smirked.

"Oh, horrors! Miss Dominic Monaghan's feelings have been hurt! Shall I kiss them better?"

"You better, you bastard. Or, I shall set Elijah on you."

Orlando squealed in horror. "No! Not - Elijah?! What will he do? Pout at me with those big baby blues? However shall I survive?"

Dom growled, gathering a handful of grass together and chucking it at Orlando's laughing face. "Shut it, you."

"Oi!" Orlando spluttered, spitting a mouthful of soggy grass out and wiping it out of his eyes, "Costume will kill you if you get grass in my wig!"

"Prissy elf."

"Dead hobbit."

Dom blinked. "Eh?"

"You'll wish you were if Costume get hold of you - you should have seen Viggo after they got him for tugging my wig out of place..."

"Oh. Bugger."


Dom reached over and started picking grass out of Orlando's long blonde tresses, the smell of crushed grass all around them, "Here, I've got most of it out. Satisfied?"

"Almost. My pride is hurt. I demand a kiss."

"Oh, sod off, you flirt. Besides Viggo'll kill me if I try anything."

Before Orlando could react, Dom scrambled to his feet, "And look! Time for me to go back to set.." and made his escape, leaving a grass strewn Orlando on the grass behind him.

Orlando blinked. "Wha..."