Things Change

Written as an improv at 2am in the company of Dee and Zarah. 30 minutes, 3 people, one line to start and end with and in my case, absolutely no sleep. I am amazed it's readable. Only roughly edited (for 2am-crash-and-burn typing) because it's an improv and editing would defeat the idea.

Things change. Not always for the best and not always for the worst. Sometimes things change and still manage to stay the same.

It's only when Billy rolls over in the morning and finds Dom asleep in his bed, that he realises that something has changed. And it is his bed because Billy can see his pictures on the walls and the ceiling above his head is the same ceiling he sees when he wakes up in the morning.

And he's used to waking up in the same bed as Dom but not normally in the cold grey Scottish morning. He's used to waking up in the warm golden New Zealand morning. Used to waking up at four-thirty in the morning and stumbling around getting ready for make up. But now it's seven-thirty and there's no more make up. They don't have to get up until they feel like it.

And it's different. The time and the place and the date. They've all changed and yet everything else is still the same. Dom still snores, Billy know he still kicks out because Dom complains half-heartedly when they're awake.

Two years down the line and things have changed and still stayed the same. It's a constant, Billy thinks.

Things change.