Saturday Night at the Movies

My Don We Now Our Gay Apparel entry for Christen. JC/Lance in Missisippi.

JC burrowed further into the plush black leather sofa and pulled the silver cushion over his eyes. "I'm not looking."

Lance chuckled, letting his hand rest on JC's leg as he balanced the popcorn on the arm of the seat. "Fine, fine. I'll tell you when Bambi's mother is dead."

"Shut up! It's not my fault that scene makes me cry. Anyway, it wasn't my idea to have a Disney marathon."

"No, but admit it - you do like to sing along."

JC pulled the cushion down and stuck his tongue out. "You do too. We duet on Aladdin."

"Mmmhm. This is true. Why are we having this marathon anyway?"

JC rested his head against Lance's shoulder and smiled. "We're having this marathon because someone started singing songs from The Lion King in my ear at four in the morning, while I was trying to sleep."

Lance shrugged. "Eh, a minor detail. You went along with the suggestion."

JC hit him with the pillow. "Only to shut you up. And it didn't work!"

"You're having fun, right?" Lance asked, twisting in his seat so he could see JC's face in the dim room.

"I suppose."

"Good. 'cause I am."

When Bambi finished - JC had seen Bambi's mother die because Lance tricked him into watching, which made him pout and Lance laugh evilly - they moved onto The Lion King and then Jungle Book. This inspired an impromptu wrestling match over whether Lance was Bagheera or Shere Khan which led to them trying to work out who the rest of the band would be. JC suggested Joey for Baloo, but they couldn't fit Justin in anywhere. Chris was obviously King Louie, that they both agreed on.

JC reached over Lance's shoulder for the popcorn bowl, which had been stashed out of harm's way on the floor by the couch. "Hey, the popcorn's finished."

"I'll go make some more then." With a twist of his hips, Lance dumped JC unceremoniously on the floor and stood up, stretching the kinks out of his back as he headed toward the door, passing his collection of Lucille Ball memorabilia on the way.

JC scrambled to his feet and followed him toward the kitchen.


JC couldn't stop humming. Occasionally he did a hula across Lance's kitchen floor, his hips swinging from side to side. "...dress in drag and do the hula?"

As he hula'd his way towards where Lance stood making the third batch of popcorn, he sang a small snatch of Disney songs, all without staying with one film. Lion King mixed in with Beauty and the Beast which was followed by Aladdin, a snippet of Hercules and a blast of Jungle Book before finishing with a yell of, "You can be a big pig too!"

Lance reached out and tugged JC into his arms before pinning him against the counter and kissing him. JC tasted of butter, salt and popcorn, all pliant and soft in his arms.

"God... Jayce" Lance breathed, "you're so flexible. I forgot how flexible you are."

With a smirk JC demonstrated just how flexible he could be, ending up almost horizontal across the counter with his arms wrapped around Lance's neck, before he pulled him down on top and kissed him.


JC chuckled and pushed back off the counter, hooking the bowl of popcorn on the way. "Back to the movies?"

"Tease." Lance pouted for a moment before nodding, a calculating look in his eyes. "Fine. Lead the way."

JC watched him carefully for a moment and then smiled. The popcorn was forgotten, spilt across the floor as soon as they returned to the theater when Lance pinned JC against the wall and kissed him hard enough to make him moan and release his hold on the bowl.

They made out like horny teenagers on the sofa, sliding over the smooth leather. The room was dark, the only light source was the screen, scenes from Aladdin playing over them as Lance's hands slid down JC's back and under his sleeping shirt.

"You know," JC said reflectively as he leant on Lance's chest and watched the end of Aladdin, "It feels kinda weird making out in front of this. I met the genie once, you know, and now it's, like, fucking with my childhood, man."

Lance laughed and pulled JC closer, "Mmmm, sacrilegious?"

JC poked him in the ribs in disgust. "My childhood, man! My childhood!"

"Jayce, your childhood was fucked before I got my hands on you. Wanna make out in front of Beauty and the Beast?"

"Met Beauty and Beas--" Lance shut him up with a carefully placed hand and kissed him before JC could mention the destruction of his childhood again.


"On a magic carpet ride..."

Lance pulled the pillow over his head and groaned. "Shut. Up."

"Heh. Revenge is sweet."

Yanking the bedclothes higher, Lance eyed JC from under the pillow and raised an eyebrow. "Sweet, eh?"

JC nodded, grinned widely as he tugged the blankets down. "Yes."

"Well... revenge this!" The pillow collided with JC before he could move out of Lance's reach.

JC spluttered indignantly and reached for the nearest pillow. "You know what this means, don't you?"

Lance scrambled across to the other side of the bed and raised his pillow threateningly. "I'm going to whip your ass?"

"In your dreams!" JC launched himself and his pillow across the bed at Lance, knocking them and the blankets onto the floor with a thud.

"Ow." said the pile of blankets covering Lance. JC grinned and raised his pillow above his head. Lance moved fast, his hands shot out of the covers and grasped JC's hips, spinning him over and onto his back. JC squirmed and tried to raise the pillow again, only to have one of Lance's hands trap his arms against the floor. "Don't make me tickle you."

JC relaxed immediately and let the pillow drop out of his hands. Lance pushed it out of reach and smirked. "Welcome to my dreams."


"You know you love me."

"I'll pout."

"And? I am immune to the famed JC pout - I've known you for too long."

JC pouted anyway, in the hopes that it would actually work. Lance just smirked more and shook his head. "Nope, not working at all."

"Damn." Cocking his head to one side, JC grinned, "However...I'm sure there's something I could do..."

Lance looked slightly worried and tightened his grip on JC's arms. "And that would be?"

"This." JC said as he braced his weight on the floor and flung himself upright and over, pinning Lance to the floor and kissing him till his grip on JC's arms was released. Whereupon, JC put his newfound freedom to good use pushing Lance's shirt up and making his eyes roll back in his head.

"Oh. Lord."

JC laughed and followed his hands down Lance's chest slowly with his tongue.

"Can I -- christ, JC! -- suggest. Bed?"